Environmental Technology

            With the aim to be a leader in sustainable environmental technology Aofu started 2002. The ongoing success has been built by creating value for customers, employees and society. Serving the industry by suppling high quality products to save our environment for our children, has driven us forward to be the leading Chinese Company in our field. 

             With our global partnership and network of service, engineering and manufacturing technology, we look forward to serve the global market with the most efficient car exhaust cleaners, according the local and international standards and requirements. Our technical ceramic substrates and particular filters are the basic parts for the up-to-date pollution control systems and clean air mobile and stationary technologies.

              We are environmental experts and make environmental equipment not only for the automotive industry but also for other Industrial sectors.


Daimler OSA (On  Site Assessment) successful accomplished
AOFU proudly announced the successful on side  assessment of the German Truck manufacturer Daimler AG.
January 17-18thth the largest Truck manufacturer of  the world came with a team of 14 international experts to the AOFU Plant at  Dezhou CN to evaluate the production facilities.
On the end, AOFU, among the 5 biggest ceramic substrate  manufacturers in the world, became the approval of successful passing the  Daimler requirements to be a suitable supplier.
This OSA has been an important obstacle on the route  for procuring Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and Diesel Particle filter  (DPF) from the AOFU plant in Dezhou. The from AOFU procured articles are  targeted to be installed in the Daimler Trucks and Buses. The AOFU ceramic  honeycomb parts are used in the exhaust after treatment system of the  heavy-duty diesel engines.